15 and 16 November 2019: Stage Development Group Women

On Friday November 15 and Saturday November 20 the Referee College took place in Hotel Pavillon du Zoute in Knokke-Heist. 15 female referees of the Voetbal Vlaanderen Development Group  attended this 2-day internship.

During the technical and training session, these female referees were supervised by a professional team composed of Frank de Bleeckere, Kris Bellon and Wesli De Cremer. 

What can you expect on our internships?

  1. Technical session / Wesli De Cremer

Watching game ‘Women U16 Friendly’ Belgium – Norway

Key teachable moments:

  • Where is my next problem? (Anticipating in decisions and movement)
  • Game control
  • Management free kicks
  • Balance in foul penalisation
  • ‘Selling’ a decision


  1. Technical session / Kris Bellon

Game managing

  • Anticipating on game situations  using  concrete actual examples
  • Feeling the game by analysing crucial elements in a game
  • Putting game situations in his own favour e.g. by temporizing
  • Preventive actions on problem behaviour in game restart


  1. Physical training / Wesli De Cremer & Johanna Klingen
  • Warming up
  • Acceleration exercise(s) on the halfway line
  • Exercise(s) on focus and decision making

The ladies that had to play a game later on were excuses after the warming up. They got some active exercises and ended the session with stretching and muscle relaxation.


  1. Technical session / Frank de Bleeckere
  • Logical Decision Making
  • Match Control
  • Anticipation
  • Reckless Challenge + Serious Foul Play

These 4 subjects are very important to create a good balance during the game.
Examples show how important logical decision making during a game is. The message is “Keep it simple”.

You can find the schedule of the internship here.