In cooperation with Voetbal Vlaanderen, a 5-day training course was organized

(7/2/2022-11/2/2022) in San Pedro del Pinatar, for the "BCORE" group. This group consisted of 16 men and 2 women.
The Pinatar Arena is a well-known training center for many Belgian (top) soccer clubs. The training center offers a wide range of facilities to organize intensive training and professional training sessions.
In this short report you can find the experiences of the trainers and coaches. This will give you a better idea of what you can and may expect from such a 'Development stage'.

Kris Bellon:
(Head of refereeing - Referee observer)
In the first session the strengths and points of attention of each (assistant) referee were considered individually in order to formulate short and medium term goals. There was also a deeper collective look at a number of concrete situations where tips & tricks were shared for a number of focus areas that apply to many. Finally, an assignment was given to work out in pairs. They had to make an analysis of a match to come and present it afterwards.
3 sessions were organized during the remaining days in which each time 3 groups of 2 persons gave a presentation of the analysis of a European match. Depending on the level of the participants, the presentation was made in Dutch (*) , English (**) or French (***).
Depending on the situations discussed, certain elements such as match management, player management and a number of technical elements such as: advantage, hand play, etc. were discussed in depth in an interactive way. (see photos)

Wesli De Cremer:
(Professional referee & VAR)
Jonas van Dyck
(Secretary BAVB Referee Department Voetbal Vlaanderen)
Training on the field:
"The first day we had an activating training to loosen up the muscles a bit from the flight.
Considering the referees already had to get up early and had a long flight behind them, the focus was on running loose, stretching and some short accelerations in game form.

In the morning, an "Integrated session" was provided along with Jonas Van Dyck. "During this session, the referees learned certain processes and had to make decisions after a physical load." An example of this is refereeing a penalty kick where they are pressured by a coach, after which they had to give them a certain penalty. So in effect, a real match situation was created.
The second session was a strength session in the gym where we provided strength training in circuit form focusing on the different muscle groups.

The morning session was all about a solid training push. After a vigorous warm-up, a 30-minute block of HIIT was planned. Again, decisions were introduced so that they had to keep thinking at exhaustion. In the afternoon, a gentle workout was provided of loose running, stretching, core stability and some games.

To conclude, in the morning an 'integrated session' was scheduled, which was similar to that of Monday and in the afternoon a relaxing Padel tournament.

Additional technical session:
An additional technical session was also planned. This one was about leadership on and off the field. During this interactive session we looked together at how a referee can act as a leader in his preparation towards the match. Furthermore, leadership during the game was also discussed. Finally, we also discussed the right mindset after the game. An attitude of lifelong learning and taking full responsibility for their growth was central here. For the leadership during the game, the different aspects were discussed and explained using footage from my (Wesli's) games. Both the good images and the learning moments were clarified to the group. Together we went looking for the different aspects that were mentioned in the images and thought about them. It was a successful session where we have given a lot of baggage in terms of taking full responsibility as a leader on and off the field.

Kris van de Velde:
(Responsible president of refereeing Voetbal Vlaanderen)
Brought on Tuesday morning the technical session they normally would have received at the regional training. These sessions are always about discussing and clarifying recent game phases from professional soccer. Such sessions are given top-down (from professional soccer to provincial).
Also, each evening the personal conversations were held with the talents present (Ref and AR) in which the IPG (individual growth plan) and their work points of the current season were discussed. These conversations were always conducted together with Kris Bellon.

During this 5-day course, Celine Mabille provided excellent kine- and physiotherapy and Yvan Longin provided administrative and practical support on site.
The Expo-Line team itself was also represented on the course, we were very excited after a 'longer covid silence' to be able to support and co-organize such an event. We would like to thank the students for their motivated cooperation and all the trainers and supervisors for sharing their experience