Frank Alles voor het Vak

When in 2011 I decided to quit as an active referee, my goal was to remain active in soccerTo me being a referee is a passion I want to share this passion with my colleagues to make them better on and beside the soccer field. 

In 2015, I became brand ambassador at Expo-Line and in the meanwhile, we have taken huge steps with our Expoline Vanishing Spray. The spray is used bij the best referees worldwide and in the most important competitions.  

Think of the Champions League, Europ League, CAF (African football association/ Africa Cup), Premier League (England), Serie A (Italie), Jupiler Pro League (Belgium), Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Schotland, etc.

We organised several workshops in different countries to teach referees how to use the spray in a professional way.

Thanks to all this knowlegde and experience we can take the next step. 

The Expo-Line Referee College is born.

Guiding and training referees of all levels and ages, pass on my passion and experience to my colleagues: Nothing makes me happier. It perfectly fits the Expo-Line philosophy “Create a Brillant Game”.

Our first project is a partnership with Voetbal Vlaanderen : we organise workshops to lead referees on several levels. 

Physical training, mental coaching, technical skills… Basically a possibilty every motivated referee should embrace. Professional support with physical coaches, technical instructors etc.

Being a referee is not a sexy hobby. It's a job. I know. But it's a great opportunity for personal development. Learning how to deal with players and the crowd, knowing and applying rules on the field, being fit, improving social skills, it's a lesson of life and experience. It's a passion. 

Our team is standby to give every Referee College participant an experience they will never forget. We give you a taste of the life of a top referee. And it will be a great pleasure to share my many years of experience with you.

Are you ready ? I, we… are.

Also read my book : “Alles voor het vak” to get to know everything about my experiences.