Talent Day Voetbal Vlaanderen, 22 December 2018

On December 22 Voetbal Vlaanderen and Referee College organised a Talent Day in the Technisch Voetbalcentrum in Tubize.

Referee 'observers' are former referees who act as observer to train and coach the current generation of referees. For this group, we provided a substance seminar and a presentation. 

The (assistant) referees had a technical session as well as a physical training scheduled. 

What to expect on our internships?

1. Technical session / Frank de Bleeckere

Exercise analysis game situations 

  • What do we expect from our referees ?
  • What do referees expect from the 'observers'?
  • How can we improve the kunnen we uniformity of the 'observers' ?

By using UEFA-clips the 'observers' were able to explain their decisions and illustrate what the consequences are on the report and the quotation of the referee.

A list of different criteria about reckless challenges, foul play and violent conduct was also put together.

2. Technical session / Jordy Vermeire (Youth Council)

Youth Council is active for over a year. Its purpose is to improve refereeing inside Voetbal Vlaanderen. This group focusses on:

  • circles of friends and their functioning
  • referee course
  • promotion and recruitment
  • Trainee assistance 

Jordy Vermeire, professional football referee 1B, commented on the conduct of his career with special attention for the transition from amateur football to professional football. So young referees know what to expect if they want and can move towards paid football.


"You might be the best referee, you stand nowhere without the knowlegde of the regulation."

Technical aspects

Game offence / game foul - safe refereeing - logical decision making

By using clips was shown how to handle these issues and how to do it better in the future.


  • acceptance
  • management
  • interaction with the players  

Physical endurance

A strong physical endurance is extremely important. This was made extra clear by using clips. 


Referees must be able to work as a team but they also must motivate each other to help and support one another where necessary. 

3. Technical session / Kris Bellon

Mental preparation and presence

Discussion about the image, the mental preparation and teh presence en de présence by means of practical examples ans video clips.  

4. Training (assistent) referees

  • Warming up: light running, warming up exercise with dynamic stretch out
  • YoYo / speed endurance
  • Integrated practical exercice
  • Cooling down: light runing, static stretching