Workshop Development group MEN 22 and 23 February 2019

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23 of February the third Referee College took place in Hotel Pavillon du Zoute in Knokke-Heist.
33 referees of the Development Group of Voetbal Vlaanderen attented this two-day internship.

Besides different technical sessions, the participants were also invited to a training session and they watched a game to observe the different aspects. The big surprise for the referees was the presence of Erik Lambrechts "himself" to analyse the game KAA Gent - Standard de Liège.

What to expect on our internships?

1. Technical session / Kris Bellon
Free Kick Management

Soccer is a contact sport whereby fouls are penalised with free kicks. If these free kicks are taken on the centre field, they usually take place without the management of the referee. This applies with Quick Restarts provided that no disciplinary measures have to be taken nor any care is needed.

Free kicks in the penalty area need a strong and clear management. If the stipulated procedures are respected, these moments are the perfect opportunity to profile themselves in a natural way. If the first kick procedure goes wrong, managing the next free kicks in a structured way will be hard and that could be detrimental for the further development of the authority.

2. Technical Session / Stephanie Forde
Offside - Teamword

Over the years, the offides rules were deeply extended. The times of gut feeling are definitely over. Today, an assistant referee is supposed to be able to exactly explain why a player is offside or not. All this is explained by a chart and examples of both international and national competitions.

Teamwork and selling a decision is of great importance for a referee. We try to make efforts to improve the collaboration by means of own game situations discussed in group.

3. Observation exercise
Game KAA Gent - Standard de Liège

This was a group task. The group was divided in 5 smaller units. We watched the game AA Gent - Standard de Liège live on a big screen. Purpose was to analyse the game and the performance of referee Erik Lambrechts. Each group was supposed to submit 3 game situations that could be discussed. 

4. Technical session / Frank De Bleeckere
Discussing game situations

During the technical session different situations from the game AA Gent - Standard de Liège were discussed with referee Erik Lambrechts.

Following situations were discussed:  

  • shown cards
  • position
  • anticipation
  • teamwork
  • preparation of the game 

Thank you very much Erik, for your transparency and your self-analysing!

5. Physical training / Thibaud Nijssen - Wesli De Cremer - Mario Carette

a. Warming up

Concentration exercise

b. Speed excercices

Account was thaken of the fact if the boys had a game or not. 

Preration of the game

  • stabilisation
  • reactivity
  • concentration
  • agility
  • strength
  • sprint

The boys who didn't have a game to play, were physically challenged in a suicide run.

c. Cooling down


You wil find the schedule of the internship here.